Applicable Industries

Applicable Industries

These are just a handful of the many industries that utilize motors and generators and can benefit from Automeg to improve efficiency, reduce costs and anticipate equipment failure while increasing employee safety.

The AUTOMEG electronics module is a compact and completely solid state 12 pin plug-in instrument that can be installed into new or existing control panels.

The instrument is designed to produce a low-current, high-voltage which is applied to the motor winding. The circuit includes the means for measuring leakage currents and for triggering alarms for selected levels of leakage. These alarms may be the existing high-level alarm light and horn or can be wired into the telemetering terminal board.


  • Waste and Water treatment
  • Municipalities

Municipal Services for Condos


  • Hospitals
  • Facilities


  • Resorts/wavepools
  • Amusement parks

Food and Beverage Distribution Centers

  • Broadline
  • Speciality


  • Cannabis Farms


Production lines and Manufacturing