Operating Specifications

The AUTOMEG electronics module

When power is applied, the green power LED comes on. When a motor start signal is applied to pin 3, the yellow LED comes on, showing that the 500VDC is being applied to the motor winding. If the winding is good, the AutoMeg completes the megging operation, and the motor start signal is then connected from pin 3 to pin 4.

If the winding is bad, the Low Meg Red LED comes on, and the motor start signal will not be available on pin 4 to engage the motor starter. To unlatch the Low Meg alarm contact, press the Motor reset pushbutton. The Low Meg Alarm contacts, pins 10 and 11, are a normally open relay contact that closes upon the Low Meg alarm condition.

A Meg test button is provided to verify that the unit will lock out under a Low Meg condition. An emergency bypass switch is provided to bypass the megging process. Placing this switch in the bypass mode disables the megging circuit, and engages the motor start relay circuit, pins 3 and 4.

Wiring Diagram