The AUTOMEG electronics module

A major breakthrough in modern technology that automatically monitors the motor winding insulation resistance for all motors and generators.

The AUTOMEG electronics module is a compact and completely solid state 12 pin plug-in instrument that can be installed into new or existing control panels.

The instrument is designed to produce a low-current, high-voltage which is applied to the motor winding. The circuit includes the means for measuring leakage currents and for triggering alarms for selected levels of leakage. These alarms may be the existing high-level alarm light and horn or can be wired into the telemetering terminal board.

The AUTOMEG module includes a green sunlight visible LED display light to indicate power and a red sunlight visible LED display light to indicate a one (1) megohm motor winding linkage resistance to ground. The AUTOMEG module will automatically alarm if the motor winding leakage resistant drops to “1” (one) megohm or less.

A motor reset button is also included along with a bypass switch so that the AUTOMEG can be by-passed in the event of an emergency situation.

A new feature of the AUTOMEG module is a manual test button to test the internal circuitry of the AUTOMEG.

Also included is a yellow LED that has been added to indicate when 500 volts D.C. is applied to the motor windings before starting.

This latest major breakthrough in preventive maintenance eliminates the need for an electrician to manually test the insulation resistance of the motors.

In addition to the relatively low cost of the versatile AUTOMEG module, savings are compounded because of the fact that motor burnouts (due to moisture penetration) and motor failure emergencies will be virtually eliminated and repair work can now be efficiently scheduled.

Parts List:

AITWS Automatic Insulation Tester with Socket
AITWOS Automatic Insulation Tester without Socket
SOC 12 Pin Socket